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High End Video Products

GYYR Video Products
Gyyr pioneered image storage technology in the early 1970s by creating the first time-lapse video recorder. Our state-of-the-art analog solutions have recorded images for decades.

From the basic TLC2100 recorder to the value-added super VHS models, Gyyr builds leading-edge technology and reliability into every model. The company continues to find new ways to record more quality pictures on a single tape. The innovator for both high and low-end solutions, Gyyr provides RS-232 ports, audio recording and 400-lines resolution in nearly every model. Gyyr's VCRs are designed to fit seamlessly into an integrated network of products.

In this world, more is definitely better. So Gyyr found a way to give customers three times as many images from their recording system when compared with standard decks. A unique feature to Gyyr triple density recorders allow this higher density recording rate even at the longer record times. Gyyr decks store up to one full week of recorded images. When paired with a Gyyr Digiscan TM Pro Multiplexer, multiplexed-camera sequences record three times faster than standard VCRs.