Industrial Covert Unlimited is in its 20th year of operation. CU1.COM has been up since mid 1999. Great security & CCTV products and people who answer the phone!

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We Have A Retail Store!!!

Our Retail Store
We have a retail store that we opened in Traverse City, MI. We offer all of our great surveillance equipment and cctv products to our local residents with a smile and a wealth of knowledge. We're not only a surveillance seller; in fact we now offer computer repair services and small video production services as well.

So if you're in the area, feel free to drop by and take a look at all of the great surveillance products that we offer.
Our Services Include:
Surveillance Equipment

We sell various surveillance equipment cctv products, and an assortment of other electronics and gadgets. This includes security cameras, DVRs, spy gadgets, and all kinds of other goodies.

Inside of CU1s Retail Store

Computer Repair

We can do local computer repair for residents who have any issues with their computers; ranging from virus problems to mechanical failures; we can help you get your PC up and running.

Our computer repair center

Video Production

With our store manager having his B.A. in video production, we can now offer some video production services; such as video postcards, video wills, and other custom video production services.

Our Green Screen Room

Take a look at our facilities:

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