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CCTV Cable

CCTV Cable
You can't connect your surveillance system without the proper cabling and connectors. COP-USA and Cop Security have seen to it that you don't have to be without the right cctv cable ever again. With this fine selection of CCTV cables you are ready to install and equip your surveillance system for your security applications.

COP 15-WC01B [WC01B] SX Male To SMA Female Cable
  • SX Male to SMA Female Cable
  • Connect security cameras to wireless boosters
COP-USA WC03 High-Gain Yagi Antenna Cable For 2.4Ghz & 1.2Ghz
  • Wireless extension cable 5M (15 feet) RG223
  • Terminated: SMA male to N-male
  • Application: 15-2400AP14/ 2400AP18/ 2400YG/ 1200YG
  • Used with 2.4GHz and 1.2GHz cctv antennas
COP-USA WC04 F Male To N Male RG-233 Antenna Extension Cable 5m (15 Feet)
  • Wireless extension cable 5M RG223
  • Terminated: F male to N-male
  • Application: 15-1200SR / 1200YG
  • Operating Frequency: 1.2GHz & 2.4GHz
COP 15-WC05 [WC05] SMA Male To SMA Female 5m (15 Feet) CCTV Cable
  • RG-58 cable
  • SMA male to SMA female
  • For use with the 15-2400AH
COP 15-WC09 [WC09] 5M (15 Feet) SMA Male To SMA Male Cable
  • Extension cable 5 meter SMA male to SMA male
  • RG-58 cable
  • SMA male to SMA male
COP-USA WC10 4cm F Male To SMA Female Cable
  • F male to SMA female cable
  • 4cm in length
  • Antenna extension cable
COP-USA WC12 5M (15 Feet) F Male To SMA Male Antenna Extension Cable
  • F male to SMA male
  • Antenna extension cable
  • 5m (15 Feet) in length