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Unusual Security Camera Mounts - April 22, 2011

Unusual Security Camera Mounts - April 22, 2011

Unusual Security Camera Mounts
By Christian M Gillman

Sometimes your standard CCTV mount won't satisfy your surveillance system needs, and you may need something more adaptable. From glass to metal surfaces there are a wide variety of camera mounts available on the market today, and this article will discuss a few possible alternatives and how they can be used to solve even the hardest of surveillance installation problems.

Before you even purchase a security camera or look for a bracket to use with it, you should decide where you want to place it, and think about what that might entail. Is the surface your mounting to able to be drilled into? Is the material strong enough to support the camera? If you can't drill into the surface what type of material is it made from? This last question is very useful in determining the selection of alternative mounts available to you.

Magnetic CCTV Mounts

Magnetic mounts have helped to fill a hole when it comes to metal surfaces. Generally people aren't willing or able to drill into a metal surface, and this can cause quite the headache when trying to figure out how to secure your camera. By having a magnetic mount you can easily move where your security camera is located on a metal surface.

It is a good idea when looking into magnetic mounts that you make sure the magnet is strong enough to support your camera. With magnetic mounts like the 81030-MM by SMC (Signal Measurement Corporation) having 100 pound pull capabilities; this usually isn't an issue, but better safe than sorry. So if you have a metal surface you wish to mount a security camera to; looking into a quality magnetic mount is probably the best route to go.

Sticky CCTV Mounts

Sticky "Sticker" mounts are exactly what they sound like. Using a standard camera connection with a base-plate mounted to a double sided sticker; these mounts make it so you can quickly mount to any number of different surfaces including glass. The downfall to mounts like this is their weight carrying capabilities.

Generally sticker based CCTV mounts are only able to handle around a standard weight of a couple pounds. This is very important to keep in mind because you don't want to get your security camera mounted only to have it fall down and break due to excess weight. Some great examples of this type of mount can be found in the GOLD G-MONMT.

Additional CCTV Mount Solutions

One way you can get a security camera to adhere to a glass surface would be with a suction cup mount. As with the sticker mounts these types of mounts can't carry a lot of weight; but they provide a great solution for vehicular camera mounting for short durations with cameras up to around 3 pounds.

Another mounting possibility outside the norm is Velcro. By using Velcro as your connector you can provide yourself with a slightly more robust and heavy duty CCTV mount over the sticker and suction cup options.

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