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Picking Out a Security Camera - May 18, 2011

Picking Out a Security Camera - May 18, 2011

Picking Out a Security Camera
By Christian M Gillman

There are so many different types, styles, and configurations of security cameras these days; that to state that one security camera is the ultimate solution for all applications is rather asinine. There are security cameras that are quite versatile and do provide very adaptable solutions, and one camera in particular (the KPC-N300NN) by KT&C is a security camera worth taking a look at.

Who Makes The N300NN

The KPC-N300NN is made by a company called KT&C and through personal experience I have found that when it comes to high quality surveillance equipment; there are very few who can compete. Having used a plethora of their cctv products and currently running one of their cameras for the past 7 years with zero problems; I have come to be extremely impressed with their quality and service. Oh did I mention that the camera that has been running for seven years has been doing so in the rain, snow, and any other weather Michigan has to offer.

The N300NN's Predecessor

This security camera comes from a great family lineage and it was preceded by a camera that most in the surveillance industry have fond memories of. The cctv camera I'm talking about of course is the late, great, and never irate S53CNV. In fact the S53CNV is the camera I still use and have been using for the past seven years. The N300NN so far has followed perfectly in the footsteps of its big brother and has not disappointed in its robustness and capabilities.

All Around Capabilities

The N300NN is a quality security camera with a decent set of features for most surveillance applications. Features such as day/night functionality and weather resistance make it capable of being used all day long both indoors and outdoors. Furthermore it has an IR distance of up to 60ft which is quite impressive at its price range.

N300NN Downfalls

Now there are a few downfalls to the N300NN that I should talk about.

First of all this security cameras resolution of 420TVL is only mid range. Now this isn't a bad resolution and it provides a quality picture; however for more detailed surveillance such as license plate or facial recognition you may want to upgrade it to its 550TVL version or go with a camera like the ISO Rainbow LPR9.

Secondly the standard N300NN only comes with a 3.7mm cctv lens and this may not be wide enough, or narrow enough of a view for certain applications. This can be remedied however as the lens is interchangeable.

In the end as I stated in the beginning there is no one security camera that will fit every single application and provide the end all be all solution. If you're looking for a decent quality, very durable, and affordable all around solution however; you may want to take a look at the KPC-N300NN security camera.

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