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Pick Out The Perfect Security Camera - April 28, 2011

Pick Out The Perfect Security Camera - April 28, 2011

Pick Out The Perfect Security Camera
By Christian M Gillman

Every surveillance system is different, and it is vital that you learn to pick out a security camera based on what's going to fit your specific needs. Factors such as low light capability, B&W vs Color, and power requirements can all determine how a CCTV camera will function in your surveillance system. We will look at a few security camera features and give a brief overview to help in deciding what will work best for you.

Color Vs. B&W Security Cameras

In general color CCTV cameras allow for better recognition of people and vehicles, and it is considered to be easier on the eyes when viewing. In the past and to some extent these days a color security camera can sacrifice its light sensitivity in comparison to a B&W (Black and White) option. As time goes on however CCD manufacturers are improving the design of their chips and making this less and less of an issue.

A lot of current surveillance cameras have merged their B&W and color capabilities by using an IR cut filter to offer what is known as a true day/night camera. By doing this a security camera will physically remove the IR filter from in front of the CCD chip; thus allowing for maximum sensitivity.

Other possible ways of achieving this true day / night effect is by using two separate CCD's. In fact by doing it this way it allows for a more accurate reproduction of the surveillance video under day and night conditions.

Security Camera Power Requirements

When deciding what type of surveillance camera you are going to use; it is always a good idea to know the type of power it takes and what you will be able to supply. The first thing that should be considered is distance when deciding what power to use.

Generally if your power needs to be ran for more than 150' you will want to use a 24VAC system. It should be noted that a lot of the modern security cameras offer dual voltage capabilities to cover you in a variety of situations, but most security cameras operate at their best with 24VAC power.

Security Camera Resolution

This is a rather straightforward feature but there are a couple things to note. If you need very specific and highly detailed surveillance video; then the higher the resolution the better. Secondly if you are running your security camera into a DVR (digital video recorder); you should be aware that the higher the resolution, the higher your file sizes will be, and the quicker you will fill up your hard drives.

Camera Style

There are numerous styles of CCTV cameras from covert to bullet to dome, and many more. The different styles can offer benefits and drawbacks versus others and it is a good idea to know what they are. One quick example is that bullet and dome style security cameras are inclusive units with a housing and lens built right into them. This can help provide for features like weather and vandal resistance, but it has its drawbacks when it comes to the flexibility as seen in a C/CS mount style camera.

There is a wide variety of security camera features out there to choose from, and it is a good idea to consider what they are and how they might be useful in your surveillance system. These facts will at least give you a head start on finding the perfect surveillance camera to fit your needs.

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