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Nitek CX254 Modular Crossover 5 Card Cage With Built In Power Supply

Nitek CX254 Modular Crossover 5 Card Cage With Built In Power Supply
Item# CX254
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Product Description

The Nitek CX254 is a modular crossover interface card cage with integrated power supply for the UTPLinks video, data & power over twisted pair transmission system.

The CX254 is a 1 RU modular card cage designed to hold up to five Nitek modular crossover cards for the UTPLinks system, mounted horizontally. The card cage combined with plug-in crossover cards comprises a video crossover and power insertion unit for the UTPLinks system and depending upon the type of cards used, can also include RS422 distribution and/or video transceiver capability.

Three models of four-channel crossover cards are available. The cards can be used in any combination, allowing the rack system to be customized to the specific application. (Modular cards are sold separately).

The CX254, configured with plug-in cards, is designed to work with TIA/EIA standards-based structured cabling networks. The crossover card cage provides five (5) RJ45 jacks at the rear of the unit for easy interfacing with either a copper backbone cable or Nitek video receiver equipment, and the integrated 24VAC power supply, supplies power for each of the cards.