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SP-6E, w/ PDM-8 (fuses) ULR Distribution Module, 14 x 9 x 3.5 Enclosure

ESD SP-6ED8 12/24 Power Supply/Charger In A Box
ESD SP-6ED8 12/24 Power Supply/Charger In A Box
Item# SP-6ED8
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Product Description

SP-6ED8 Overview:
The SP/SPS-6B are heavy duty self contained efficient off-line switching power supplies that are slide switch selectable between 12vdc at 6 Amps, and 24vdc at 3 Amps. Each has a precision lead acid battery charger that obtains maximum battery life while providing a 12vdc or 24vdc uninterruptible power supply for security. The universal AC input of 90-260vac 50 to 100 Hz allows these power supplies to be powered anywhere in the world without any alteration. The SP/SPS-6B are operational down to 50vac, this provides excellent brown out capability. The SP-6B and SPS-6B are electronically protected against Battery(s) reversal, shorting or overloading the output, and over heating. Each of these protective features will self-restore without removal of power or load.

Before connecting load and battery(s), slide 12v/24v selector switch to desired voltage. Caution, damage can occur when switched with DC output load. Confirm proper voltage before connecting devices. The SPS-6B has the additional supervisory features of a Battery disconnect relay when battery(s) are depleted, a form C relay contact set that indicates AC power failure, and a set of form C relay contacts to indicate low battery. Depending on load, low battery trouble indicates 50-75% battery capacity remaining.