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ETS SS8-RC Remote Controllable Speaker Selector / Driver

ETS SS8-RC Remote Controllable Speaker Selector / Driver
Item# SS8-RC
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Product Description

Remote controllable Speaker selector / 70v line driver for remote monitored, two way audio surveillance systems. The SS8-RC connects to video/audio transmission equipment that uses telephone, Internet or LAN mediums.

The SS8-RC provides a solution when the transmission equipment lacks a sufficient number of audio outputs, speaker drive and switching capabilities. Programming is required by the remote equipment manufacturer to control the SS8-RC.

The SS8-RC accepts a line level audio input and can drive any combination of speakers simultaneously. The SS8-RC can be expanded to 16 speaker zones by looping connections from an SS8-RC to an SS16-RC. Simple ASCII commands control the SS8- RC and SS16-RC via RS232.