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Nitek FRS581000R00 8 Channel Rack Mount Video Only Fiber Optic Receiver

Nitek FRS581000R00 8 Channel Rack Mount Video Only Fiber Optic Receiver
Item# FRS581000R00
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Product Description

Nitek's FRS581000R00 is an eight channel Universal-Mode™ video receiver, which allows the same unit to be used with 1 single-mode or multi-mode fiber optic cabling type.

The 5000 Series fiber optic transmission systems are designed to provide multi-channel, point-to-point, broadcast quality video transmission at an affordable cost, without compromise. The video is transmitted in a real time full bandwidth digital format. This insures the highest quality regardless of distance.

By transmitting the video in an uncompressed format, there is no latency or loss of video quality. The 5000 Series uses Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing (CWDM) to transmit 2 wavelength channels for video transmission on a single optical fiber.

Automatic gain control is built into the 5000 Series receivers making this a ‟plug-and-play” video system, requiring no field setup or adjustments. Receivers are equipped with LED indicators which provide an at-a-glance operating and optics state.