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Not Quite CSI - HD Surveillance Is Here - June 06, 2011

Not Quite CSI - HD Surveillance Is Here - June 06, 2011

Not Quite CSI - HD Surveillance Is Here
By Christian M Gillman

As it has hit every other aspect of the tech world; HD (High Definition) has also come to the surveillance industry in the form of high quality megapixel cameras with 720 and 1080 recording resolutions. These type of security cameras can offer a great advantage for surveillance applications where a high level of detail is needed. There are a few pros and cons that should be addressed however.

HD & Megapixel Camera Pros

First and foremost an HD security camera obviously has the benefit of being able to provide a much better resolution and picture clarity than a standard security camera can. This extra resolution can help in identifying and relaying to the police any footage you may have of vandals, thieves, burglars, etc...

HD & Megapixel Camera Cons

The cons to an HD cctv camera mainly have to do with cost, but they also include storage space and the need for additional equipment.

The first con has to do with your DVR and it is two fold. HD cameras record at higher resolutions and therefore have more data to store than a standard cctv camera would. This makes it so your DVR's hard drive is going to fill up quicker and you may need to have additional drives or larger capacity HDDs.

Another downfall pertaining to your DVR is the need of a digital video recorder that can handle HD video. It needs to be able to record the HD video without compressing it to a standard definition format and it also needs to be able to export or stream the video out to your monitor or various backup systems. If your DVR cannot do this; then it is rather pointless to have an HD security camera as you will not be seeing the HD quality video.

The second downfall when it comes to HD security cameras has to do with cost. The plain and simple truth is that although they are coming down in cost; they are still rather pricey when compared to a standard definition security camera with the same features.

When it comes down to it an HD security camera can be of great benefit to a surveillance system requiring detailed surveillance and identification abilities. If your security system only needs a broad overview however, and doesn't need a high resolution; then it may be financially wise to stick with a lower resolution security camera. The choice as with most technology comes down to a persons needs and budget.

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