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Record Zombie Attacks - Home CCTV DVR Solution - April 04, 2011

Record Zombie Attacks - Home CCTV DVR Solution - April 04, 2011

Record Zombie Attacks - Home CCTV DVR Solution
By Christian M Gillman

Pesky zombies have you down? Unable to record your security camera footage of your assailants as they seek to break down the doors and drink some brain juice? Ok...maybe Zombies aren't your main concern. Intruders and miscreants may however be what you wish to record and view when you're not at home. If this is the case then take a look at the HomeDVR as we list some pros and cons of its capabilities, and how it can potentially be a solution for your home surveillance needs.


To begin lets first talk about what this CCTV product is exactly. The HomeDVR is a digital video recorder solution provided by a company called Securityman, and Securityman is a company who provides a lot of diverse home based CCTV products and surveillance equipment. This video recorder is a more simplistic DVR when it comes to the digital video recorders used in a lot of surveillance applications; however it is a potential option for smaller home or small business based installations.


Ease Of Use:

The HomeDVR provides a relatively simplistic interface and installation to make it useful to even the less technologically adept.

SD Card Backup:

This DVR uses an SD card to store its surveillance footage vs using a Hard Drive. This makes the transfer of footage onto a PC or other devices capable of reading SD cards that much easier.

Decent Features:

This digital video recorder includes some of the features that more advanced DVR's take advantage of. Including features such as motion detection, overwrite functionality (when SD card is full), and even a USB port for further footage backup.


Small Application Use:

This DVR is not meant for large installations and can only handle 2 video inputs and 2 audio inputs. This however is not necessarily a con for homes or small businesses with only a couple security cameras.

SD Card Limited:

Even though having an SD card for video storage can be a pro vs a hard drive, it can also be a con when it comes to space. The HomeDVR only supports a SD card with a size up to 32GB and it is also not included in the purchase of the unit. This may prove problematic if you plan on leaving the DVR alone for long periods.


If you are looking for a DVR that will also allow you to access it remotely over a network when you aren't home, unfortunately this is not the product for you. This does not have network functionality.

Ultimately this Digital Video Recorder is made for smaller applications such as in a home or small business. So if you are looking to supply your large security camera surveillance installation with a DVR; this is probably not the solution for you. However if you are just looking for a simplistic DVR for your house that offers ease of use and decent features; the HomeDVR can be a very viable solution at a decent price.

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