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IR Illuminators

IR Illuminators
Let there be light! With these various IR illuminators and emitters you can provide for low light capabilities on your IR sensitive security cameras. In fact COP-USA and Cop Security have designed infrared illuminators and emitters with capabilities anywhere from 10M to 200M for all kinds of surveillance applications.

COP-USA IL07 CCTV Security IR (Infrared) Illuminator Up To 200m
  • 168 High Illuminator LEDs
  • Auto Switch mode
  • 200m range
  • DC12V
COP USA IH50 Weatherproof Bazooka IR Infared Illuminator W/ 132 IR LEDs & 200ft Range
  • 200ft Range
  • Weatherproof w/ Sunshield
  • Aluminum Case
  • DC 12V 1200mA
COP USA IL95 IR Illuminator Dual Glass W/ 90ft Range For Outdoor/ Indoor Housings
  • For Indoor / Outdoor Housings
  • 15 IR LEDs
  • 90ft Range
  • Dual Glass
COP USA IH200D Outdoor/Indoor IR Illuminator W/ 220 High Powered LEDs & Dual Voltage
  • Aluminum professional housing
  • High efficiency heat evaporating housing
  • Build-in 220PCs high power IR LED
  • 12VDC and 24VAC Dual Voltage