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KT&C A Provider Of High Quality.. Unique items!

KT&C USA CCTV Products & Surveillance Equipment
Established in 1997, KT&C USA LTD has fast become a major player in the manufacturing of high performance CCTV products, such as security cameras, and DVR'S, and a plethora of other CCTV devices.

Examine KT&C USA and their full line of CCTV and security cameras, as well as miniature and zoom cameras.

Already gaining a reputation for quality workmanship, and unique applications, KT&C USA has become well established in the United States and has gained favor with many vendors for creating products new to the security industry.

Not convinced? Just browse through the various CCTV products that KT&C USA provides and see for yourself. We are sure you will find something you will like among the various CCTV security cameras, and other CCTV surveillance equipment that KT&C USA has created.