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A Legacy Of Excellence In Surveillance Equipment - July 14, 2010

A Legacy Of Excellence In Surveillance Equipment - July 14, 2010
In the world of surveillance manufacturers there are a wide range to choose from when selecting your cctv product. However when picking the right manufacturer's product it is a good idea to have an idea of their track record for quality and standards. Well having worked with many different manufacturers over the years there is one company that stands out among others for high quality products and equipment.

KT&C is a Korean company started in 1997 and since then they have established themselves as an innovative and quality establishment with a wide variety of surveillance equipment and accessories to choose from. A main example we will use to illustrate their reliability and quality is the legacy established by their KPC-S53CNV to KPC-N300NN line of security cameras.

The KPC-S53CNV when first marketed by KT&C was an amazing camera to use. It is a small bullet style camera with 12 IR LED's and with each being at a wavelength of 850nm they are near invisible to the naked eye. To make it even more intriguing was the fact that it was robust to the point of being able to be used indoors and outdoors within a temperature range of -10˚C ~ +45˚C. Then on top of that was the fact that it could see and record up to 30ft in pitch black conditions. Well with a price at the time of only $145 to the consumer this was quite an amazing piece of equipment for so little cost.

At this point we were hooked and decided to start buying and selling the cameras to our customers. Well not only did these wonderful security cameras perform to our expectations and beyond they also seemed to have an amazing longevity. Out of the hundreds and thousands of those cameras we sold only a few were ever returned or exchanged, and usually this happened due to a freak occurrence such as the camera being struck by lightning. Needless to say we were quite impressed and in fact have used them for our own security and they have been going strong for over 7 years.

Well as technology progresses it is inevitable that electronics will advance and things will become obsolete. In the case of the KPC-S53CNV that happened a little over a year ago, when it began to be phased out for its successor the KPC-N300NN. Now in light of the excellence that the S53CNV provided it was obvious that the N300NN would have some large shoes to fill. However it seems now that KT&C was more than up to the challenge in making sure it did just that.

When the N300NN started shipping we were quite impressed to find that it had received some impressive updates over its predecessor. Improved LED's now able to reach up to 60ft in pitch black conditions, the same durability and weatherproof capabilities as the S53CNV, and an upgraded resolution. These additions and more and yet this security camera still came in at $145 to the consumer. Well with promising marks and possibilities such as these all we had to do was determine whether they were up to the challenge of being just as long lived as their predecessor.

It has now been over a year that we have sold these fine cameras in place of the S53CNV and we have determined they are absolutely able to carry on the legacy set down for them by KT&C. Not only out of the hundreds we have now sold are they working out perfectly, but just as with the S53CNV few and far between are ever returned or exchanged.

Ultimately this is one of our favorite examples to give when telling people about the fine products offered by KT&C, but it is only one of many that could be told for their extremely reliable and excellent cctv products.

You can find the KPC-S53CNV or KPC-N300NN In Our KT&C Manufacturer's Section