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Nitek MC712ST-40 10/100TX to 100FX Single-Mode Fiber Media Converter - 40KM Over 1 Fiber

Nitek MC712ST-40 10/100TX to 100FX Single-Mode Fiber Media Converter - 40KM Over 1 Fiber
Item# MC712ST-40
MC713ST-40 & MC712ST-40 Set: 
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Product Description

The Nitek MC71XST-Series are compact WDM single fiber bi-directional fiber optic media converters. Each converter features LED diagnostics for power, activity, link and full duplex/half duplex operation. All converters are fully compliant with the IEEE 802.3 and 802.3u Fast Ethernet standards and feature one RJ45 10/100BaseTX port and one Fiber Optic 100BaseFX SC port. Each unit is powered by an external power supply (included).

The MC71XST Series are Wave Division Multiplexing transceivers that provide operation over a single fiber, and the MC712ST is a 1310TX~1550RX transceiver and the MC713ST is a 1550TX~1310RX transceiver. The devices require very little installation time and absolutely no set up or configuration. Installation requires simply connecting the fiber SC connectors to the transceivers. Once powered up and connected each transceiver instantly connects to the companion transceiver and begins operating as a full-duplex 100BaseT Ethernet conduit.

The MC71XST Series Media Converters are completely transparent to the network; they have no IP or MAC addresses and do not require any additional setup or programming. Connect your network devices by connecting their RJ45 connectors into the network ports of the transceivers. LEDs on the devices indicate the presence of power, transmission link and network signals for easy troubleshooting.

The MC71XST-Series extends network communications to overcome cable distance limitations offering connections to devices in locations traditional networking does not allow. The MC71XSTSeries will auto-negotiate bandwidth to compensate for wire attenuation and losses that occur from wire length, signal noise and interference.