Industrial Covert Unlimited is in its 20th year of operation. CU1.COM has been up since mid 1999. Great security & CCTV products and people who answer the phone!

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Pick your friends...Pick your nose...Heck even pick your friends nose...We dont care. However we do care that you make the right choice when choosing a cctv camera mount for your security camera. Gold has a great selection of camera mounts to make sure that your security camera remains safe and stable wherever it may be mounted.

GOLD G-MONMT Double Sided Sticky Surface CCTV Security Camera Mount
  • Standard Weight Capability
  • Black Metal Finish
  • Mounts on glass/wood/beer coolers/most all level surfaces
  • Weighs < 3 Pounds
GOLD CCTV B001 Smart CCTV Bracket / Mount W/ 255 Electric Pan Rotation & Waterproof Design
  • 12VDC Input Power & RS485 control cable
  • 255 Horizontal Rotation
  • Waterproof design
  • 170mm length