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Nitek AS1000 Line Level Audio Extender

Nitek AS1000 Line Level Audio Extender
Item# AS1000
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Product Description

Nitek AS1000 Line Level Audio Extender
The AS1000 is an audio link system that provides a low cost method of sending line level audio over cctv twisted pair, point to point wiring for distances of up to 2 miles. The Nitek AS1000 includes two bi-directional modules and can be used over existing in-house telephone wiring, leased lines or other twisted pair cctv cables, such as Category 5.

The AS1000 can also be used as an audio companion product for the Nitek twisted pair and leased line video transmission systems. AS1000 modules can be rack mounted using a model RK100 rack panel to hold up to 10 modules per panel (RK100 sold separately).