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Use This Item With The VH3200 Modular 1 RU Card Cage!!

Nitek VB41x8 Eight (8) Balun Transceiver Card W/ A Range Of Up To 1000 Feet
Nitek VB41x8 Eight (8) Balun Transceiver Card W/ A Range Of Up To 1000 Feet
Item# VB41x8
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Product Description

The Nitek VB41x8 eight (8) balun transceiver card is designed for use with the modular rack system. Each card has 8 video balun units, built-in surge protection and video loss detection.

The Nitek video baluns are transmission devices that provide a low cost means of sending live video over unshielded twisted pair, point-to-point wiring for distances of up to 1,000 feet (750 feet when used with DVR equipment). The Nitek video baluns are also compatible with all of the “up-the-coax” cctv control systems.

A basic cctv system would require one unit at each end of a twisted pair of wires. The Nitek video baluns are intended for use over existing in house telephone wiring, Category 5 wiring or other twisted pair cable runs to provide a convenient, cost-effective alternative to coax. Nitek video baluns are designed to provide immunity from noise and interference, even when running next to line power!

The VB41x8 plugs into the VH3200 card cage, which holds up to modular cards. This modular “plug-in” feature allows the system to be custom configured for each application and provides easy expandability.