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Nitek VH3200 32 Port Modular Card Cage Hub

Nitek VH3200 32 Port Modular Card Cage Hub
Item# VH3200
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Product Description

Nitek VH3200 32 Port Modular Card Cage Hub
The Nitek VH3200 is up to a 32 port powered video hub with built-in surge suppression and video detection. Systems operate with other Nitek UTP video equipment including, video transceiver Hubs, standard video balun transceivers, active transmitters, or any twisted pair equipped cctv camera.

The VH3200 series UTP modular hub system holds up to four VB41x8, TR515x8, or TR560x8 8 channel cctv video receiver cards in any combination, for a total of 32 input ports. The VB41x8 can be used on video runs up to 1,000 feet (750 feet when used with DVR equipment).

The TR515x8 can be used up to 1,500 feet with passive transmitters. The TR560x8 can be used up to 3,000 feet with passive transmitters and up to 6,000 feet with the Nitek TT560 active transmitter.