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Porn Detection Stick

Porn Detection Stick
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Product Description

The Porn Detection Stick is designed to scan all images and videos on your computer for illicit images. It's nearly impossible to keep any computer connected to the internet clean from pornography, even with programs that are designed to prevent access to porn. The Porn Detection Stick will not only scan your system for pornography, it will securely wipe any found images and videos so it's gone forever. The Porn Detection Stick will scan through files, deleted data, internet history, and zip files so there's no hiding improper activity.

  • The Porn Detection Stick perform unlimited scans on any compatible computer.
  • Even if pictures and videos are deleted, they'll be recovered and scanned.
  • Scans computer hard drives, USB drives, or any other storage that mounts as a drive letter in Windows.
  • Securely delete found images and video so they can't be recovered again.
  • Blurred picture viewer keeps you from seeing unwanted pornography.