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Skysonic PoE-EX01A 10/100M PoE Extender (Power Over Ethernet)

Skysonic PoE-EX01A 10/100M PoE Extender (Power Over Ethernet)
Item# PoE-EX01A
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Product Description

The Skysonic POE-EX01A PoE Extender is quite easy to be installed by simply plug and play connections. It is used between a Power Source Equipment (PSE) and the Powered Device (PD); it injects power to the PD without affecting the data transmission performance.

The long distance PoE and data extension solution PoE-Ex01A is a newly designed and simple device which extends both the reach of Ethernet Data and IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet over the standard 100m (328 ft) CAT5e/6 UTP cable to 200m, 300m or longer.

Currently, PoE supported networking devices such as PoE IP cameras, PoE wireless access points and PoE IP phones have become the mainstream of network deployment because of the convenience of easy installation without additional power supplies.

Limited by the UTP cable specifications of only up to 100 meters (328 ft) the cable couldn't be applied for installations that were longer. Therefore, the PoE-Ex01A is designed as the repeater to forward both Ethernet data and PoE power and thus increase the range of the PoE powered devices.