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Price vs Quality From A CCTV Product Perspective - June 17, 2010

Price vs Quality From A CCTV Product Perspective - June 17, 2010
Price and quality of merchandise are often two factors that go hand in hand when it comes to buying most any type of product or service. The majority of people if asked about the subject would most likely come to the conclusion that a higher price on an object vs its comparable counterpart would indicate a higher quality product, and this would reasonably seem the obvious truth or why else would the higher priced business still exist with the competition.

Now for the majority of people when it actually comes time to purchase a product quality takes a step back to the price of the good. This seems illogical considering the fact that most people tend to like products that are of high quality and that will give them longer enjoyment and less hassle. The simple way to explain this whether it be economic downturn, budgeting, or good old fashioned penny pinching is that people are being more frugal and spending conscious these days whenever they make a purchase.

Now being thrifty and economically conscious can definitely be a good thing, but there are times when price vs quality should be looked at more carefully, and the quality side of things should be taken into consideration. The headaches it may save you down the road by spending just a little bit more for the quality of the merchandise and support behind it may well be worth it. Now not to say that a higher price always means a better product with better service, but it is something to warrant looking into as to why they are selling at a larger margin.

For example in the realm of cctv products and surveillance equipment quality is something that should really be taken into account. Not only in the aspects of the product itself, but also the support and service behind it. At the e-commerce store CU1 owned by Industrial Covert Unlimited we get calls all the time from people who are looking at our products and then they go to another company and see the same product for somewhat less and so they buy it from that company. Then however when they get the product they find out things like bad packaging, inability to get any sort of technical support, or no customer service to be found. So when faced with this problem what do these people do? Well a good amount of them call us and complain about the product, and then when we ask them if they purchased it from us and we find that they did not. So in such cases we generally will have them return the product and purchase it from us and this way they get a higher quality item and the support behind it to make sure they are satisfied and without headache.

This type of thing tends to happen a lot in the e-commerce market especially when it comes to electronic devices or items with a learning curve involved when using the product. The reason being that with an e-commerce store it is much harder to simply return the product as you would with your local retailers, and therefore it is much easier for some companies to ignore or have less interest in their customers complaints about their services. For them the sale has been made and they want to have nothing to do with it beyond that point.

Ultimately when it comes to purchasing products especially of the more complex nature such as surveillance equipment, it will benefit the consumer greatly to take the time and find a company that is willing the spend the time before the purchase to help in your decision and that will still be their after the purchase is made to help with any problems or support that is needed. Even if this company does not necessarily provide the cheapest prices this approach to buying your merchandise could save many a headache and stressful day down the road.