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No longer available. Please purchase the DigiOUTLCD kit to get this monitor while supplies last.

Replacement LCD Monitor For Digital Wireless Systems
Replacement LCD Monitor For Digital Wireless Systems
Item# SM-371DR
Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 weeks
This item is currently out of stock!

Product Description

Currently this item is out of stock. We are working to find a substitute for this to handle the volume of those needing a replacement. Please call 800-251-8839 and get on the list so we can contact you when they are available.

The SM-371DR is a replacement DVR monitor for the Securityman DigiAirwatch, DigiLCDDVR2, DigiLCDDVR4, and as a substitute for the SM-804DR.

  • Motion detection and manual recording with optional video or picture selection
  • Auto overwrite function when SD is full
  • Records 15-second video clips per motion detect in MP4 format with time and date stamp
  • DigiLCDDVR records up to 65 hrs in single full screen of an active camera or 130 hrs for all four active cameras in Quad mode using a 32 GB SD card.
  • RCA audio/video output interfaces from receiver to monitor for display
  • Upgradable by adding up to 4 total digital wireless cameras
  • Records 1 channel or all 4 channels at the same time (in Quad mode)
  • Single channel full screen, auto sequential rotation or Quad view display
  • Playback directly from the receiver or PC via SD card reader with any MP4 player software