Industrial Covert Unlimited is in its 20th year of operation. CU1.COM has been up since mid 1999. Great security & CCTV products and people who answer the phone!


Country Wide Service In Locating A Surveillance Installer For You!

Locate CCTV Security Installers
Need A Surveillance Installer?

With over 200 Surveillance Installers And Dealers in many parts of the country, we here at ICU (Owners of CU1) should be able to locate someone for you.

These are independent contractors who are NOT obligated to commission, and can therefore do a quality job with quality pricing for you.

Simply follow these steps to help us locate cctv security installers for you.

Step 1.

Contact Us!

  • E-Mail:
  • Give Us A Call: 1-800-251-8839 / 231-932-9550

Step 2.

Provide Us With This Information:

  • Zip Code
  • City
  • Approximate Job Size

Step 3.

We will then have a surveillance installer contact you from your local area if possible.

Over 200 Surveillance Installers & Dealers