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Specialty Lenses

Specialty Lenses
These specialty lenses are made to perform in applications where a standard cctv lens wont do. Want to see far distances with your favorite C/CS mount camera that you can't do with a normal cctv lens? Try a telescope lens with focal lengths of 500mm.

COP L5000M 50mm - 500mm Telescope CCTV Lens
  • Telescope Lens
  • For use with a C/CS mount camera
  • 50mm - 500mm Focal Length
  • Comes with adapter
Rainbow CCTV PL5.5 3.0GE 5.5mm 90 Degree C/CS Mount 2/3" CCTV Pinhole Lens W/ Auto Iris
  • 5.5mm Pinhole Focal Length
  • Built In Auto Iris
  • 90 Degree Form Factor
  • C/CS Mount