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Uniview by Gen4 - Integrator Series

Why Uniview?

  • True 120dB WDR/High Dynamic Range - Hardware takes 3 exposures at low/mid/high values and composites the low lights & high lights for a true WDR/HDR image.
  • CMMI5 - processes at this level that the focus is on continually improving process performance through both incremental and innovative technological changes/improvements. Uniview is the only CCTV company with a CMMI5 rating. General Electric also carries the CMMI5 rating.
  • OSRAM Automotive grade LEDs - last 30% longer & eliminates the “flashlight” effect.
  • Uniview Block Storage - faster storage & retrieval, no disk fragmentation.
  • Cloud Upgrades for unit firmware, cloud upgrades for IPC through the NVR
  • Access the IPC web interface through the NVR
  • Plug and Play - Actually plug and play, connect cameras and you’re recording with no extra steps.
  • Smart Search - retrospective motion detect & other truly smart search features
  • Instant Playback - Jump backwards 5 minutes in the Live View screen
  • True 4K HDMI Video Output