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UTP Accessories

UTP Accessories
Looking for a particular parts, pieces, or utp accessories to complete your UTP equipped surveillance system or access control equipment? With these UTP equipment accessories you can provide surge protection, weatherproof other UTP equipment, provide POE (Power Over Ethernet), or even more!

Nitek RK115 Rack Panel For Multiple VB37M Or VB39M Mounting
  • Holds 10 VB37M or VB39M Video Balun Transceivers
  • Easily adapted for wall mounting
  • Fits standard 19” rack cabinets
  • Easy to install
Nitek POE48 4 Channel IP Crossover with PoE Insertion Card
  • Provides four separately fused outputs
  • Interfaces with standard network devices
  • TIA/EIA 568B compatible
  • One Cat 5 or better cable per camera drop
Nitek FAN64 Cooling Fan For Use With POE48 Cards
  • Cools up to 4 POE48 Cards in CX452 card cage
  • Cooling Fan For Use With POE48 Cards
  • Component of the UTPLinks™ System
  • Use With CX254 or CX452 Crossover Units
Nitek PS48 48VDC Power Supply For IPT148 & EE328 UTP & Network Components
  • 48VDC Power Output
  • IPT148 & EE328 Compatible
  • Useful For Any 48VDC Compatible Devices
  • High Quality Manufacture
Nitek RK124 Rack Panel For VR124, VR148 & VR448 Network Units
  • Holds 5 Nitek VR Series recievers
  • Easily adapted for wall mounting
  • Fits standard 19 rack cabinets
  • Easy to install
Nitek IPPTR12 12 Port IP Network Multi-Port Surge Protection Unit
  • Provides 12 channels of surge protection
  • Works with PoE and non-PoE 10/100 equipment
  • Fits standard 19" rack cabinets
  • Easy to install
Nitek IPPWR1 IP Camera and Power Surge Protector
  • Insertion loss < 0.2 dB
  • Heavy single point ground
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Separate power protection for 12 or 24VDC/VAC
Nitek CAMPDD24 Multi-Function Surge Protector For In-Line Coax, UTP, & 12VDC/24VAC Power
  • Unique multi-stage design
  • Insertion loss < 0.2 dB
  • 2.8V clamping voltage
  • Multi-function - protects video, & camera power inputs
Nitek CAMTRV24 Passive Video Balun & Multi Function Surge Protector For UTP, PTZ, & Power
  • Built-in Nitek video balun
  • Unique multi-stage design
  • Insertion loss < 0.2 dB
  • 2.8V clamping voltage
Nitek WP1325 Outdoor Rated Weatherproof Enclosure Kit For Network Extender Transmitters
  • Includes NEMA 4X rated outdoor housing and cover
  • Cover assembly includes Neoprene gasket to provide weatherproof seal
  • Cover attaching screws are M-4 Stainless Steel
  • Designed to house Models EE328, EL1500 or ET1500 Series Transmitter Units
Nitek RK439 Rack Mount Panel For Multiple VH439 Video Baluns
  • Rack Mount For VH439's
  • 1 Rack High
  • Fits Multiple Units
Nitek RK170 Rack Mount 6 Media Converter Sub Rack
  • Holds Up To 6 Units
  • 1 Rack Unit High
  • Provides Mounting & Power
Nitek IPT148 IP Device PoE (Power Over Ethernet) Tester
  • Power LED indicator
  • Connect IP camera to local laptop
  • High Quality Construction
RJ45Adapter RJ45 Female To Female Connection Adapter - 10PK
  • Connect 2 Ethernet Network Cables\
  • Female to Female RJ45 Sockets
  • Works With CAT5, 5e or CAT6
100 Pack Of RJ45 Connectors For CAT5, CAT5e or CAT6 Ethernet Cables
  • RJ45 Connectors
  • 100 Pack
  • Durable Construction With Gold Plated Pins
RJ45Sleeves 100PK Of Blue RJ45 Sleeves For RJ45 Connectors
  • Blue RJ45 Connector Sleeves
  • 100 Pack
  • Durable Plastic Build