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Nitek VR448UTP High Speed IP Network Extender w/ Integrated 4 Port PoE Switch

Nitek VR448UTP High Speed IP Network Extender w/ Integrated 4 Port PoE Switch
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Product Description

The Nitek VR448UTP IP network extender integrates a 4 port PoE network switch with our already popular Ethernet extenders. The VR448UTP ethernet extender allows IP Ethernet transmission of network data to communicate over an existing UTP or phone cable for distances up to 1 mile (1,600 meters).

The VR448UTP IP network extender consists of a transmitter and receiver set which requires very little installation time and absolutely no set up or configuration. Installation requires simply connecting the wire pairs at each end of the existing UTP cable to the transmitter and receiver of the VR448UTP. Once powered up the network switch transmitter will begin producing PoE for its connected devices that require power. The receiver instantly connects to the transmitter and begins operating as a full-duplex 100BaseT Ethernet conduit. Additionally the VR448UTP is completely transparent to the network; it has no IP or MAC addresses and does not require any additional setup or programming.

Connect your network devices by plugging their RJ45 connectors into the network ports of the transmitter and receiver. LEDs on the devices indicate the presence of power, transmission link and network signals for easy troubleshooting.

The VR448UTP can operate as an IP camera network extender to extend network communications and overcome cable distance limitations offering connections to devices in locations traditional networking does not allow. The VR448UTP will auto-negotiate bandwidth to compensate for wire attenuation and losses that occur from wire length, signal noise and interference. (Please refer to cable distance and bandwidth charts for further review).

These Nitek units are constructed of industrial grade RoHS compliant plated steel which is finished with a heat resistant powder coat paint making them very durable. They are designed to mount within the camera housing, in an equipment enclosure or simply wall mount the unit using the included mounting kit. For installation of several units the RK124 rack mount kit allows for centralized power of the receiver units while maintaining an orderly installation.